Friday, October 29, 2010

Session 4 chaye sarah the teens and me

Chaye Sarah:

The first session it took me four hours to plan my lesson
The next two session down to 2.,5 hours.
I'm planning on one hour today.

I've got my targets, my learner outcomes.
I know where I'm trying to get to.

Last week I saw with the survey/assessment where I was missing (e.g. the idea that the Torah
is a tree of life, not so embraced)

I'm checking where I am and where I need to go.
I'm doing what teachers and subways riders are supposed to do:

This week: I'm returning and going forward.

Return to the big idea that the Torah is a tree of life.,
Return to the key values that are the concrete ways
Torah is a tree of life.

dan lichaf zichut
and then move forward.
Go deeper, more examples, of how Torah gives us values to bring to life.
sayver panim yafot...
(resource book Teaching JEwish Virtues)

So we are building a vocabulary-knowledge.
We are giving examples, challenging them to use the values in their role as madrichim
I need to build more opportunity for reflection.

I'm thinking we don't need more content after this week.
Maybe in the coming weeks it is just using these values in deeper ways.
Looking for them in the coning weeks Torah portions
Look for more specific ways to apply them, compare them to secular values.
I keep resisting the temptation to do more, cover more. I have to go deeper for understanding and transfer.

How was your week..anything good happen? (you are seen , you are known and you are cared about)

Here are the values we've studied (have them on flash cards)
any stories of using them as a madrich...

Any challenges coming up for you as a madrich?

Core Discussion:
Torah is a tree of are the stories, where are the teachings about love

We'll read the verses and have students define having a pleasant demeanor based on the verses
( Rebecca at the well). And what makes it hard to do..what gets in the way?

Core Discussion Two
I'm using a tool I saw
Jennifer Groen of Moving Traditions (Rosh Chodesh its a girl Thing, and their new Campaign for Boys/The Brotherhood) use in Manhattan with LOMED teachers.

I'm going to make a Power Deck
The game is like apples to apples

There are scenario cards (I'm making madrichim scenarios)
And then there are the power to help grow a full, meaningful and purposeful life
(the values and virtues from Torah)

In groups of four
take a scenario (e.g. student locks himself in the closet ..they told me this from last week)
and you have powers/virtues and you have to defend which ones you think would apply and why.
EAch time the group agrees your power could help in the situation, you can put a power away.

Reflection/next step:
These are your powers apply them this week, come with a story next week.

In what ways are these values helpful in you being a madrich?
In what ways can they help you as a madrich, enable young children to grow to be madrichim? (I return and return again to the reason we are learning together)

I've got to make the cards, but hey that was 45 minutes...:)