Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mirror Mirror Reflection on Session Four

One hour to plan...not really.
Is there anyway around it? It took me an hour just to make the Scenario game. So it was a two hour prep for a one hour learning session.

I called the Scenario game:
Torah is a Tree of Life or...
not so much

I gave them five Madrich/a scenarios/
you have a value in what way is it helpful...or not so much

Each student had to make the case why their value would make a difference and how.
WE only got to play one round but it engaged much it moved anywhere out of the session..not so much (I'm guessing)

1. Your student pushes another student at break, then pushes him again
2. YOu wake up Shabbat morning really tired and grumpy. You say at first, "I'm not gong this morning."
3. Two of your students decided to stay in the closet instead of go to music, You ask nicely
and they still hover in the closet.
4.You witness a student yelling at one of your students. The child was not listening to directionsa. The teacher really gave a "loud yelling," to correct her behavior. (this is the one we got to)
5. One student comes to class looking sleepy and sad every Shabbat. She doesn't speak up in class and behaves well.

Each student had a value that we've pulled out of the Torah portion and a quote that clarified it.
Sayver panim Yafot (a pleasant demeanor)
Dan L'chaf zechut
and then "Pick your own value."

Ok they were engaged. We're building a vocabulary. If we go in this direction next week
I think I'd want to work on making the internal dialogue of decision making explicit. What's it sound like in your head when you are decidiing?

but what really stood out were the connection question:
The face behind the face...

Share something that happened to you this week that was good.
Two students said it was a bad week
another said
"I got through it."Then the circle of sharing was about I got an A, I took my test and passed. At one point I said can you think beyond grades when sharing something good that happened..huh?

They were energized when talking about a horrible teacher who many knew, the new grading system where they get A- and B- instead of just A and B which puts them under more pressure.

I'm feeling really tempted to can my whole curriculum and just open up learning about
managing stress

finding value beyond grades
finding joy
and just talking about what's really on their minds, which I'm finding is not about how to be a good madrich, but how to manage the week.

I have a lot to think about before next week. Shift the learning? I'll talk to the director.