Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Size doesn't matter--so what does? A little dab will do

What's common among the High Performing Congregations-able to make real change?

“Reform Congregations have an easier time of making change because they are open to reform—dah it is in their name:” say Conservative congregations.

“Big congregations have the resources to make change,” bemoan small congregations. And of course big congregations point to the lucky small places that make stuff happen quickly because they are nimble.

Of course they are all wrong.

We conducted a study this year of over 30 congregations that have been trying to make significant change in their educational model over a four-year period. The thirty congregations in the study were different in size, denomination, geography, financial resources and longevity of leadership.

Here is a shockingly surprising conclusion from the study:

NONE OF THAT MATTERS! Size: no. Movement: no. Geography: no. Longevity of leadership: no. Financial Resources; no.

So close your eyes and guess.
What do you think is the one quality common in all the bolder success stories?

I’d love to know what you are thinking.

We found the answer is:
Relentless commitment.

When individuals believe in the need for and the possibility of change and don’t let it go no matter how much the tiger screams --change emerges.

These tenacious d’s (doers) fail, get rejected, have set backs and damn, because they are so passionate, they pick themselves up and keep going. In their movement forward they are open to what emerges..new insights and new blows. They learn and deal. They learn and deal in part because they have benefited from tenacious support of grant funding (as little as 2500 a year), consultant guidance, network connections and professional development.

This year we’ll interview some of the relentless change drivers to understand the source of their passion. 

I want to put their passion in a bottle and sell it. "Eau d'change" (pronounced as the French would say it...shange) A Dab for your dreams to come true.  

When you are wearing eau'd change others are attracted. Simple human chemistry. Followers (not the twitter kind) emerge so the system develops a stance towards tackling every obstacle and seizing opportunities.

Tenacity. Passion. Relentlessness.

Dab a little of that behind your ear each morning and see what comes.

How right or wrong do you think this study is?