Friday, June 8, 2012

The internal dialogue of children

NOTICING TARGET: Access and engage the internal dialogue of children

Yes we have to pay attention to activity.
Sure you have to use the internet to blog about it (I do).

And NOTICE, ACCESS the  internal dialogue of children.

Do you know what children
think about on their pillows?
Do you know what they are asking of themselves when they are on the playground?
Do you know their

"Not Your Regular Hebrew School." The Sundance festival worthy parts of this three minute video are the voice of young children saying what's going on inside. What's their question, dilemma, desire..?

Their internal dialogue is expressed, engaged and challenged because of the kind of Jewish education being offered by the Coalition of Innovating Congregations

The CANNON is fired

When you listen to the internal dialogue you don't hear kids asking:
What is the difference between a menorah and chanukiah?
They are asking, How do I see my self in this world as a Jew and how do I express it?
How do I manage school and soccer and my parents divorce.

The Canon of Jewish literacy is changing.
Today, kids in the Northeast of USA can you tell the holiday you use a dreidel, when you eat matzah and what is challah.

They know it either from their own homes or from the secular market place which makes sure there is a chanukiah and a xmas tree every season.

The Coalition is editing/redacting the canon of Jewish curriculum so it speaks to that internal dialogue of today's children. Instead of teaching holidays, life cycle and holocaust, the new curriculum does teach about but lives
Jewish decision making;
A Jewish guide to daily questions;
A Jewish  map for making yourself a community;
Jewish Ways to solve the problem in your neighborhood.

There is text, and hebrew and tradition in everyone of those courses...

Stop with the holiday curriculum. YOu should be banned from Jewish education if you are teaching a holiday and not just celebrating one as a community.

You should be honored if you are accessing, engaging and challenging the internal dialogue of children.

I admit to you, I've kept a journal (volumes) since I was in 10th grade.
My internal voice is loud and clear... by practice only.
And I've been lucky to take my internal machinations and be in dialogue with people who care and challenge that voice. I think that's our work, nurture that still small voice in every child.