Saturday, December 4, 2010

Share the joy. Something good that happened to you this week/the light

Dear God
stir my heart
with the spirit of joy
imbue my arms and my legs
with that spirit
for my arms are encumbered
and my legs have become heavy
with my wrongdoings
Fill me my God
with the cleansing spirit of holy joy
Enliven all my limbs
help me raise my hands
and clap
help me lift my feet
and dance and dance, dance...
Rebbe Nachman

Joy, and Light, And Chanukkah, miketz, dream dream and dream

Core Discussion:
Where to start..go to the end.
What did I say I wanted to accomplish in this unit.
Review outcomes. What do I see?

I haven't given them enough time to reflect on
what benefit/challenge is in applying these values to life?

That's where I'm going on Shabbas.

rina, sason, gila, simcha
Sayver panim yafot
din v rachamim
dan lichaft zechut


Key values from each weekly Torah portion (content an
d Hebrew)
A Jewish way to make decisions (consider this and this and then..)

Regularly mentor/role model/ interact with their own students

Name key values and name the Torah value that they "decide" to apply in those interactions
Implement one teaching experience for their students enabling their students to live a Torah value

Reflect on and express observable benefits and challenge
s of decisions guided by Torah

Engage with peers, elders and children about how to apply Torah to daily life Be in conversation with their ancestors (e.g. Eve and Rashi) about Torah values Speak it out with God Okay stop there.