Friday, November 19, 2010

Vayishlach, our hevrah learning, Shabbas plan it out

Plan it out for Shabbas November 20, 2010...5771

I just cleaned up from our family Shabbas dinner and now time to plan out tomorrow morning's Shabbas learning with the madrichim. Awesome Shabbas having two sons home for Shabbas dinner. Joy joy.

So this week I went on a "joy ride." I was inspired by the assignment for the teens. Slowed myself down one afternoon and took a few pictures of things that gave me joy. Photo essay to follow.

It was a deep breath to notice the things that give me joy. They are always there, I paused long enough to click my phone and upload fleeting moments of joy. I look forward to hearing where the teens found simcha..double dose. NYC, fashion, forward, and backward.

I had a button collection when i was a girl. How nothing and yet how cool. My mom mom gave me a jar of buttons. The shapes and the colors and the sizes.
And there in the window were buttons, joy.

And at night the light, the electricity in the people and the signs. Joy. Noise, tempo, move it and move it faster. Life. and in no right order...even sideways...Joy.

The tastes of NY, French and American and yummy colors.

And more arts and colors.

And Audrey and Marilyn, two of my favorite dreamy out of reality into dream land people right there in the window

Shabbas Joy: end of a crazy week, the joy of sitting with my husband and two sons and the Shabas angels and words of Torah.

My joy! Okay enough about me..thanks madrichim for opening my eyes.

now the Learning for tomorrow.

Have students share their joy ride this week...
Back to understanding happiness (helping others, nature, being in relationship, back to reading Rebbe Nachman and the psalms.

I'm tempted to just go on and plan it. But I'm going back to my goals and see where I am.

the core values we've explored

rina, sason, gila, simcha
Sayver panim yafot
din v rachamim
dan lichaft zechut

better to go back and go deeper
These are the leaves on the tree of life
striving to live these values are the path to a full and happy life
striving to live these values
is how we enact bezelem elohim

I've steered off course from original outcomes.
But following the flow of the teens and where it seemed they needed to go..we floated a bit.

Core Discussion: 1

Morning edit, it came to me in my sleep.
Review our Torah values, just define them.
Read Vayishlach. (go meet my brother and struggle with the being)

How does this middah/Torah virtue/value
help Jacob manage this difficult situation.
What does he do when he is living this value?
What does he do differently when he doesn't have it in his pocket.

Core Discussion 2:
On Shabbas, pick one, a middah/virtue/Torah value and go out and do it, enact it.
Take 15 minutes to live it, as your role as a madrich, to someone in the halls, to the trees outside, to your friend, to the teacher you work with, to your your self.
Do it.
Come back and share what it.
A tree of life?
What's that mean?
what's the value of having it in your pocket?

Next week:
your call, pick a middah/value/virtue from the Tree of Life and live it double, like a double espresso! Come back and tell us what it was like to have in your pocket and then use it. How was the moment different than if you didn't enact it?