Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Rabbi Came to Visit

From all the blogs I've ever written, the one that got the most attention (over 5000 hits) was the one that described why I left my congregation of over twenty-years.

The one I'm about to write, few will read. But it is just/more important to write.

We don't belong to our congregation now.

The rabbi from our former congregation heard a family member --my loved mother-in-law was in ICU.

He asked if it is was ok to visit.

We asked her in her sleepy state "Do you want the rabbi to visit?"
"Yes" she said and returned to her sleepy state.

The rabbi came.  And we appreciate this act of gemilut chasidim-of loving kindness.

I want to say we are not dues paying members any more. The rabbi was saying I SEE critical.

We were included as if were.

When comfort was needed, a rabbi who keeps OBGYN hours, came to visit and offer prayer.

We will be members again.

Say a prayer too.