Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shout out to Main Line Reform

It is going around the internet. My son showed me a link and maybe you got it too.

Have you seen the Chanukah Music Video that Main Line Reform Made made this year?
I know many congregations are making these intergenerational and fun music videos.
This one is especially good. Ross Levey I don't know but you are one inspired guy!

This video is a great artifact to Connected Education.
Connected education is when a congregation morphs from a silo to a networker... connecting Jewish children to peers; to role models; to the life of their own community; to more Jewish experiences (e.g. Jewish camp and the arts); and links a child's secular life to Jewish life

That's going to take a lot of work for congregations to become networkers but some are starting.

If you are not one of the six thousand people who already viewed Main Line Reform of Wynnewood's artifact of Connected Educaiton
take a peak..peek


A start toward Connected Education
       1. Kids' learning connected to other kids (early childhood to teens)
        2. Kids' learning connected to adults in the community (hey even the greyest haired folks are in the same groove)
        3. Kids' Jewish learning connected to their secular life--
Happy Chanukah