Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Bear Note to our Children

Dad and I were riding bikes on this Sunny morning in the woods.
The roads are quiet and surrounded by high trees and brooks.
Only occasionally does a car or a person go by

While riding Dad said "We haven't seen any wildlife, other than a squirrel."

Not  a minute later --

A four to five hundred pound black bear crossed the road less than 100 feet in front of my bike. I stopped immediately because Dad had given me the talk earlier on what to do when you see a bear. Married to an eagle scout I am used to safety alerts but never thought I'd need to truly pay attention. I did remember "don't  run when you see a bear."

I quietly, while still looking at the bear looking at me, said "oh Jay." 

Dad thought something was wrong with my bike.

He, ready at the helm, seeing the bear for himself, directed 
"turn around."

We turned our bikes around and rode in the opposite direction.You know bears can run 30 miles around. The shape we are in we were not going to out pedal him.

The bear unfazed, just another annoying tourist, looked at us and then lumbered back into the woods.

Meanwhile our hearts were pounding.

Dad never gave me the full lesson which is when a Grizzly bear attacks
play dead. But when a black bear attacks fight back.

I would have played dead and then guess what I would have been.

Meanwhile we are just like Goldilocks, everything is just right. We are off now to find some porridge.