Friday, May 10, 2013

Tell me the story..I'll show you a movie -two movies

I love the comment just left on my blog by Allison Fine author of The Networked Non-profit

Tagline for a synagogue's educational program:
"Temple Such and such..we make great grown ups."

Yep couldn't agree more.
So we made a movie that says just that
although we use our tag line:
The Coalition of Innovating Congregations
Jewish Learning for Real Life

Fifty congregational teams gathered at the City Winery yesterday to celebrate the results of learning that helps kids grow up in this world. It was a wow day learning how the work we have done really has impacted people in powerful ways.
Here is the story of one student from Kane Street Synagogue, Zoe, who has grown in remarkable ways because of her experience at the congregation.

We are supporting congregations in telegraphing the difference they make.
We have another 2 minute movie

for Coalition congregations to put on their web sites
so prospective parents know what's special about what they do.

The movie says this is not just a place that runs your kids from activity to activity
or drills this and that we actually partner with you to help raise your kid(s)
in this crazy world. It is animated, enjoy!

What do you think of the movie? What would you change/celebrate?