Sunday, April 14, 2013

HEY STORY TELLERS HELP...-is this the story to tell?

We are going to make a 2-3 minute animated film for members of the Coalition of Innovating Congregations. We give the script the animators make the visuals.
What do you think of this story?
Edits -suggestions?

We have shared hopes and dreams for our children.

·      We want our children to be cared for and to care for others.

·      We want them to stand tall and know they stand on the shoulders of their ancestors.

·      We want them to create greatness and to be connected to something greater than themselves.

·      In short, we want our children to be strenghtened and guided by the values we cherish most.

But in our rapidly changing world (maybe we need these items or maybe we don’t ..not sure)

·    Where we are hyper-connected and yet disconnected

·    Where things happen at the speed of light and yet there is never enough time

  • Where  achievement breeds accomplishment and stress

·    Where we have bounty and never enough

It is becoming more and more difficult to raise our children grounded in their heritage ready to reach for tomorrow.

So synagogues in New York are creating a new kind of Jewish education that partners with parents to support children with caring, connections, and values.

These pioneering synagogues, The Coalition of Innovating Congregations is a network of more than 50 synagogues in the New York area dedicated to creating meaningful Jewish education that helps parents achieve their hopes and dreams for their children.   
In Coalition congregations, children don’t just learn about Judaism, they live Judaism.
The Coalition of Innovating Congregations turns dreams into reality by
moving  the riches of Jewish learning beyond the classroom and into the world.
In Coalition congregations:

  • Children experience the joy of Shabbat instead of learn about it in a classroom
  • They learn with their families instead of on their own
  • Children put values into action in the real world through tikkun olam (or social action) projects
  • They laugh and play and enjoy experiences that feel  more like Jewish camp instead of like school
  • Children make friendships with other children and caring adults
  • And they are guided by trusted mentors to discover answers to their own questions instead of just listening to teachers.
The Coalition is transforming the way our children experience the wisdom and joy of Judaism. They do much more than sit at desks and listen to teachers. They develop deep connections, values, and skills to equip them for a resilient life in today’s fast paced changing world.

Our children belong, dance, enact, learn, sing, pray…
                                             Live JUDAISM-live wholly (or fully)