Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Duck: Market Jewish Overnight Camp

Marketing lessons from Big Duck: how to market Jewish Overnight Camp
(you mean you can't just say "go,' have a camp fair and family and children will go)

Congregations across LOMED and Operation Game Changer creating models that build  bridges for a 12 month Jewish experience
Ok Big Duck how do we quack and waddle? Tell the 25 of us what works.

Messaging: Make it your own...use it as a  jumping off point

  •  Build on the passion
  • Camp is not just about the summer..but about the life long values
  • Use Boilerplate copy used together with your mission or provide a quick overview of your program
  • Jewish camp with a soul..what the campers see themselves and what the parents see happening to their children. New campaign coming out from FJC They see laughter/you see leadership...they see sing alongs/ you see self-confidence..
  • yes Jewish, but there is something else..the growth in your child
Why camp?
Summer overnight is about so much more than campfires and color war. At camp kids the chance to explore who they are...and who they want to an active inspiring fun way

What is Jewish camp?
Jewish camp is more than just camp with Jewish kids. At jewish camp ruach is part of every activity--from dancing to hitting a home run..allowing campers to explore their connection to Judaism in a meaningful way

Why Jewish Camp?
1. For your child Jewish camp is just plain fun. But is also much more than's camp with a soul

2. CAmp is exciting: your kids will have the summer of their lives while celebrating the values of independence, friendship, community, fairness 

3. Camp is packed with action: boating filmmaking 

4. Camp promotes your child's individual growth: in an enriching Jewish environment

5. The impact of overnight jewish camp is immediate and lasting

6. There's a Jewish camp for matter your background or interest

Why messaging:
"Every one needs to sing from the same song point" says Sarah Durham
Everyone on staff speaking with a consistent voice
Time saved when you have to write have your notes
Audiences more likely to "get it" they hear the same messages
Room for individual congregations

One Happy Camper: 30 camps provide check out FJC website..most folks can get the grant..or through PJ library...there is PJ goes to camp

Jewish Education Project Did Research to find out
What Matters to Your Audience
How do parents make their decisions..this is what we learned

1. One camp does not fit all. Families have diverse needs. Parents want a variety/options to fit specific needs.

2. Age matters, most children who attend summer camp start in 3-5th grade.
Once you are at a camp usually they don't switch

3. Gender matters
Families with girls are twice as likely to send their children to Jewish overnight camp

4. Families make decisions based on children's needs.
Jewish value centered (e.g. I want my child to have a strong relationship with Israel) and/or
child centered reasons (I want my child to be happy, have friends)

Child centered reasons trumped Jewish reasons.
If a family liked a "Jewish value reason" then they liked all the Jewish values/they didn't distinguish among them.

We are asking the research, why are parents not distinguishing among the different Jewish values.

5. Family interest change
when children are younger families are interested in lots of specialities..wide range of interests. When they get older they are more focused.

If we know these things to be true then what impact does that have on our marketing?