Friday, December 17, 2010

Last session

its been great.

This is my last session with the Madrichim.

The congregation offered me an aliyah Shabbat morning.
Won't be able to take the honor, but what's the honor I take...

What did I learn:

1. The Torah of a life is essential text to be elevated, shared, and explored.

I just had a day of learning with my staff and I said

"If I were only able to have one tool as an educator it would be storytelling/listening."

Stories are the source
of meaning
of relationships
of values and knowledge.

2. Young people want to hear: You are seen, you are known, you are not alone

3. As a teacher I need to provide direction, see my outcomes, assess where I am going
and be flexible and adapt to what emerges.

4. We need more joy. Judaism is a window to more Joy.

5. Go to the energy. Energy, connections start small. Time, a little food, smiles, stories, shared experience, it grows. And you can't have deep or lasting anything without the connections.

What did students learn?

I'm going to use the survey I gave them earlier in the semester and see what happens.
I'll let you know. I really believe they deepened their connections to one another, to Judaism and shabbat as an oasis for the hectic confusion of daily life. we'll see